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Don’t Settle for an Ineffective Storage System

Frustrated with your inadequate storage system?

Far too often material handling and product storage integrators and dealers default to pallet racking instead of providing the end user the correct and most effective solution.

Have an experienced material handling and product storage specialist provide the right system for your warehouse, 3PL or Ecommerce facility.

Optimize your facility with a multi-level storage solution and save $$$

By combining either Interlok or heavy-duty E-Series Widespan units, we can create a multi-level storage solution that is ideal for:

  • Distribution centers
  • eCommerce fulfillment centers
  • Retail distribution centers
  • 3PL storage facilities
  • Warehouse storage facilities
  • Records and archive storage
  • Automotive, electrical, plumbing, agricultural parts & tools storage

Don’t settle for pallet racking when you can save $$$ with a well designed and engineered shelving storage system.


In addition, we provide handrails, stairs, pivot, and safety gates.


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