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High-Bay Shelving Systems

VERTICAL STORAGE SHELVING Overview Save space and grow vertically. Metalware’s high-bay (also known as high-rise) applications and factory-made structural components redefine your current warehouse facility to achieve greater output using cost-effective and profitable solutions. The design of both Interlok and E-Series Widespan shelving systems offer significant upward expansion thanks to the possibility of being transformed […]

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Interlok Industrial Shelving

Our branded Interlok industrial shelving is a versatile “boltless shelf” system, produced in either 18 or 20 gauge cold-rolled steel. This steel shelving is designed to keep quality high and costs low.

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E-Series Widespan Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving

Optimize warehouse space and storage capacities. E-Series Widespan shelving solutions can store a variety of heavy and bulky items. Also referred to as “bulk shelving” or “baby racking”, it is an economical choice to manage large-size products and are ideal for hand-loading/picking facilities where a variety of products need to be available.

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steel shelving in a distribution center
Multi-Level Storage Systems

Interlok and E-Series Widespan shelving solutions both offer significant upward expansion thanks to the possibility of being transformed into multi-level or high-rise systems, also referred to as “catwalk” or “deck-over”. Maximize storage capacities while minimizing costs linked to relocation or warehouse expansion.

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Integrated Modular Drawers

Metalware heavy-duty welded modular drawers can easily hold up to 450 lbs and can be easily integrated with all current Interlok and E-Series Widespan shelving units.

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Slotted Angle Shelving

Slotted angle shelving is ideal for storage of light and moderately heavy loads. Economical, easy to assemble, and adapts to all storage requirements.

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Expertise in Industrial Shelving Systems

Metalware has been building relationships and projects that last. We pride ourselves in serving an impressive list of long-term clients with our experience and expertise in multiple industries.

Metalware has the team, product line, and factory organized to be the best provider of multi-level and high-bay shelving systems for order picking and inventory storage.

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